Proactive safety leads to zero injuries.

We love to provide best quality proactive safty to make our clients happy.


Al – Malik Fire Protection

We are providing quality services to our clients since 2003 , we are registered sales tax payer in Pakistan ( # 23-00-9998-013-19 ) and with a valid NTN # 3103628-7 Vendor ( # 30068782 ). We are Commercial Traders, Distributors and Consultants, Government Contact Services.

Quality Policy

Keep the fire look through maintain system reduce the risk your system need maintenance.

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority.

Preference to customer's demand loyal with customer provide best and economical solutions and services.

Timely delivery.

Provide variant goods.

Coordination with customer.

Provide economical and modified goods.

Give just in time service.

Provide best and quality goods.

Check daily and weekly work job sheet.

We can safe many people just through proper care of system.